TwitterPatter Update: Options XML File and Login Form

March 14, 2008

Up to now, Twitter user account information has been hard coded into the application for basic testing and fetching of user timelines requiring authentication. The recent progress of TwitterPatter now includes a login form and Options xml file used to store user settings and preferences for the application. Upon opening TwitterPatter, the application reads and tries to fetch the username and encrypted password from the options xml file. If a username and/or password has not been set and saved, TwitterPatter prompts the user with a login form requiring the login credentials of the twitter user. The application will take this info and

  1. store the user data with encrypted password in the options xml file and
  2. pass the user credentials to username and password accessors in the main TwitterPatter form window where they are used.

Currently, the options file is being read, and the application prompts for the username and password if not found in the options file, but the data is not yet being permanently written to the options xml file for storage and future retrieval.Next steps:

  • add encryption/decryption features to encrypt the password for storage in the options file and decrypt it after retrival for twitter authentication.
  • write twitter user account information to options xml file.

On another note, originally, I was considering using the .Net app.confg file to store and manage user preferences. Normally, that is not recommended due to system permissions and non-administrator users not being able to write to files in the programs directory. However, in this application, that would not have been an issue because TwitterPatter will be able to run from any location on a Windows system that has the .Net Framework 2.0 installed. After thinking about what benefits this had over a standard xml file, and realizing there really weren’t any, I decided to opt for a standard xml format instead.

So far I am happy with the development progress and excited about the next steps.

Twitter On!!!!
Ed – @pixel8r


One Response to “TwitterPatter Update: Options XML File and Login Form”

  1. Plex Says:

    Did you make any progress with getting user_timeline to authenticate?

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