TwitterPatter Update: Public Timeline and CSS features added

January 29, 2008

TwitterPatter Update:
This past weekend was very productive in terms of TwitterPatter development. With the help of Pans Labyranth and Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series (volum 1 and 2) and a seemingly endless supply of Hot Cocoa, I went into Code Mode and got to work.

The most significant accomplishments from this round are the successful testing of:

  • the TP_TimeLines.TP_getPublicTimeline() method.
  • the TP_defaultHTML.set_default_HTML() method.
  • and the creation and inclusion of a Style Sheet (CSS) used to style the HTML generated the TP_TimeLines.TP_getPublicTimeline() method

TwitterPatter now has the ability to retrieve and parse the Twitter Public Timeline xml feed, generate HTML markup, and insert it into the WebBrowser control – all within a Windows .Net desktop application.

This screen shot shows TwitterPatter displaying the public timeline directly from The asthetics of the application leave a bit to be desired at this point, but I am focusing on basic usability and function right now. The visual appeal will come later.

Generic TwitterPatter GUI displaying Twitter’s public timelin

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