Development Update: TwitterPatter – Twitter Client and API for .Net

January 27, 2008

Time for a quick update! Development is moving along now. After sorting through some documents and deciding on the best options for displaying Twitter Status Messages I had some time to sit down and write some concept code.
Focus now is on writing and setting up the basic Classes and methods as a foundation to build additional features into.

I had given a lot of thought to the pros and cons of using the WebBrowser control vs a DataGridView control to display Twitter status messages. In the end, I have decided to use the WebBrowser control for this purpose. The WebBrowser control should require less code to manipulate and display the status contents. Given that Twitter is a “web” application, it also seems more appropriate to maintain that format.

Recent Progress

  • Built a generic GUI for testing functionality
  • Added the WebBrowser control to host the Twitter Statuses and Time Lines.
  • Added new API class (TP_defaultHTML)and methods (TP_set_Default_HTML) to set up the default document text of the WebBrowser Control.
  • Added new API class (TP_TimeLines) and methods (TP_get_Public_Timeline) to retreive the Public Twitter XML feeds.

More to come… Stay tuned!!


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