TwitterPatter Project:

January 25, 2008

TwitterPatter: the sound of little messages.

What is it?
TwitterPatter is a (soon to be) Twitter client and API written in C#. The application allow users of the service to retrieve, read, and post new twits.

After realizing the majority of twitter development information revolved around PHP and Curl, and what little .NET development efforts exist and those that do appear  incomplete, I decided to take steps to change that. Initially, the project will be closed source but I do intend to open it after the first release and choosing the right open source license.

Features Planned for inclusion:

  • Retrieve and display the Public Timeline
  • Retrieve and display User Timeline
  • Ability to submit new twits
  • Ability to reply to twits (clicking on a user name in a twit will start the new twit with the reply syntax automatically – @username.
  • Mark Favorites
  • Save favorites locally.
  • Auto-update or manual update twits based on user settings – Auto will display a timer of some kind ie, next update in X seconds.
  • Save and store persistent user settings (username, password, preferences, update intervals, etc.)

The name was chosen as a play on words of sorts based from the “Pitter patter” or the continuous repetition of light sounds.
I liked the rhyming connection made between Pitter and Twitter and the comparison of little sounds to little messages.

Pitter patter
n – : a series of light sounds;
n – : a quick succession of light sounds or pats;
v – : to run with quick light-sounding steps
n – : a series of small messages;
n – : a succession of small messages or twits;
v – : to communicate with quick small messages

I will use this blog to write about the progress of TwitterPatter and to post any new thoughts, ideas throughout its development.
I also hope to receive feedback from anyone who feels like contributing their thoughts and/or suggestions.


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